Thursday, January 3, 2008

LeMans Cars

These LeMans cars are the reason I started collecting cars in the first place. I was watching a lot of GT races on the Speedvision channel and I got hooked on the LeMans races. Then one day at the store I saw some of these cars for sell, and since I've tried to buy every one that I can find.

Celica Pikes Peak, 1997 - Hot Wheels

I got this one at an antique mall store for $1.99.

UPDATE: (3-29-08) I got this Pikes Peak Celica at the store recently. They also have it in Red. It's a Hot Wheel of course.

Maserati MC12 - Hot Wheels (Don't care much for this paint job).

Mercedes CLK LM - 1999 - Hot Wheels

Nissan Silvia S15 - Hot Wheels

Panoz GTR 1 - 1997 - Hot Wheels (love Panoz).

Panoz LMP1 Roadster S - 2000 - Hot Wheels

Cadillac LMP - Hot Wheels. I have a bigger one of this car. Click on Cadillac label at the end of the post to see it. A lot of great sticker details on this one.

Ferrari 333 SP by HotWheels in Yellow (w/ugly flames).

Ferrari 333 SP by HotWheels in Red.

Riley Scott MK111 by Hot Wheels.

Shadow MK11a by Hot Wheels.

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Dan said...

The colors on that white/blue Maserati MC12 are the colors of the homologated road version.